Nextsense - Official Gazette

Legislative Knowledge Management

A building block for integrated Legislative Knowledge Management

Legislative Knowledge Management is integrated content management system which includes preparation, publishing, archiving and search of legislation. This solution covers the process of preparation of the Official Journal printed issues, intranet and internet legislation database and provides a toolset for Discovery, Search, Notification on any legislative document.

The Legislative Knowledge Management represents a National Legislation Database and establishes interoperability, communication and publishing of legislation between the Official Journal, Parliament, Government and Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Implementation of this solution leads towards:

  • Reduction of errors in legislation publishing process
  • Enforced standards in legislative documents
  • Reduced administrative costs and complexities in the legislative process
  • “de-facto” standard in XML representation of official Legislation


  • Reducing the time needed for preparation of publications of Official Gazette
  • Establishing interoperability between Official Gazette and other institutions
  • Improvement of the effectiveness of employees with reduction of errors in the preparation process
  • Improvement of the overall quality of Official Gazette publications
  • Reducing administrative costs and complexities in a process of preparation of the Official Gazette