Nextsense - Signing Server

Nextsense Signing Server

Ultimate solution for automated digital signing of multiple, large scale documents!

Nextsense Signing Server - server component for digital signing, enables organizations and government institutions to digitally sign, seal and timestamp one or multiple documents in a very short time, providing maximum control and security in the process.

  • Does your organization need bulk automated document signing?
  • Do your business processes involve too much documentation that needs to be signed?
  • Do you need more control and security over the documents that are signed by your institution?
  • Do you need a solution that will guard the sign and seal of your institution?
  • Have you considered a solution for signing that can be integrated with your current organizational solution?
nextsense signing server

Security built in Nextsense Signing Server foundation

Nextsense Signing Server is an ultimate component that provides organizations with centralized and efficient document signing, thus keeping an audit trail of every action taken.

With Nextsense Signing server, you can apply server-side digital signatures to any XML, PDF and binary format documents. Once you sign your documents, they become equipped with Long Term Validation (LTV) capabilities, which furthermore extend their validity and credibility.

To enhance the efficiency of implementation, Nextsense Signing Server provides centralized, efficient document signing, and an easy integration with your existing software solutions such as ERP, BPMS, DMS, CRM, and RMS.

Use vast advantages of Nextsense Signing Server

  • Unattended and automated digital signing, sealing and timestamping of one or multiple documents;
  • Signing or verifying any XML, PDF and binary format document according to PAdES, XAdES and CAdES standards;
  • Apply organizational seal to ensure trust in your organizational documents
  • Sign or seal documents with one or more visible or invisible electronic signatures
  • Signature panel with a digital signature, organizational seal and/or timestamp
  • Unattended and automated bulk signing, optimized for large-scale, multichannel document signing, with distributed architecture.
  • Protected by an HSM module for the highest level of security and performance
  • On-demand instant notifications

Security and compliance

  • Fully compliant with EU Directive for Trusted Services 910/2014
  • Long-Term Validation (LTV) compliant
  • High level of performance and security – distributed and highly available architecture for most demanding environments
signing server main benefits

Features for flawless experience

  • Documents Format – sign PDF, XML, and Binary documents
  • Signing Flexibility – sign or seal PDF documents with one or more visible electronic signatures
  • Bulk Signing – unattended and automated bulk signing
  • Signature Panel – consisted of the digital signature, organizational seal and timestamp details
  • Organizational Seal – to ensure the trust of your organizational documents
  • LTV capabilities- extend the validity and credibility of your documents
  • Graphical Signature Management – manage the signature position, image, and font
  • Customizable Format – customize the size and the location of the signature
  • Audit Trail – detailed logs for all signing actions and authorizations
  • HSM Modules – support for leading HSMs
  • FIPS Integration – integration with different FIPS compliant mediums and crypto units
  • TSA Integration – easily integrated with TSA server unit to add timestamps