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Nextsense Time Stamp Authority software solution

What is a Time Stamp Authority and how can you become one?

If a business is undergoing a complete digital transformation process, the question of e-document legitimacy is of major concern. Bearing in mind that all paper-based documents are being replaced with electronic ones during the digital transformation, employing a Timestamp Authority Server is a no brainer when trying to win and seal everyone’s trust.

Use Nextsense TSA software and become a Time Stamping Authority

Build upon extensive IT expertise and proven know-how over the course of more than a decade, Nextsense offers a unique opportunity for any business looking to set foot in the Timestamping Authority business. Complying with the latest FRC 3161 standards, our outstanding software solution enables your organization to provide actual time and date when a document was created and to guarantee the documents content in a certain moment. The Timestamping Authority will be able to provide proof that the content of a document hasn’t been changed, since it was time-stamped.

What exactly is a Timestamp Authority Server?

A Timestamp Authority Server (or TSA Server) is a server unit which adds a timestamp, hence providing a data-integrity seal through a trusted time and date of when the electronic transaction took pace. To simplify, look at timestamping as a trusted process of keeping and maintaining a secure track of document’s time creation and modification.

Guaranteed Security

Interested in how Nextsense Timestamping software security works?

The most secure way to protect and ensure document integrity is timestamping it. Now, security in these terms implies that no one, even the document owner, will not be able to change the timestamped document content.

nextsense time stamp authority

The PAdES (PAdES-LTV) and XAdES (XAdES-T, XAdES-XL) document signing standards are the core foundation of the timestamp. Through applying timestamps, a business is setting a sound ground for long term validation (LTV) of all signed documents.

Main Benefits a Timestamping Authority can offer

  • Perseverance of Intellectual property - by using timestamping, organizations can protect their intellectual property and use the timestamps as strong legal auditable evidence
  • Secure internet commerce - timestamp your online payment transactions
  • Secure, fraud-free signatures - the digital signature verification process involves a content integrity check
  • Electronic documents authenticity – Timestamping ensures that no further document alternations had been made after stamping
  • Computer programs authenticity - Without code signed and timestamped software components warning messages for using untrusted codes will be displayed
  • Integration - Single Sign On, Billing and CRM integration for seamless user experience
  • Non-intrusive integration – our TSA Solution doesn’t require any modification of your business software application systems

Nextsense TSA is perfect fit if you are:

  • A large volume document signer
  • Business in need of remote, cloud stamping capabilities and functionalities
  • An organization interested in providing timestamps to its broader market and clients
  • A quality solutions oriented enterprise compliant with leading standards
  • An enterprise ready to utilize the power and benefits of becoming a trusted Timestamping Authority
time stamp authority types and options

Not using TSA implies taking high risks!

Working with e-documents without being timestamped by a trusted authority server equals to gambling with your entire business integrity and trust. Below are some jaw-dropping scenarios if your documents are not timestamped:

  • Users can effortlessly manipulate local client machine time while signing electronic documents
  • These repudiated documents will always be voided in courts or by third-party clients
  • Complete distrust, non-existent integrity and e-document validity
  • Ultimately, irrelevant and compromised documents without further value or purpose