Nextsense - e-Cabinet


Nextsense e-Cabinet solution integrates multiple government institutions and processes into a distributed and orchestrated process and transforms the preparation and execution of the government sessions from paper to paperless process, thus raising the operation of the Government to a new and advanced level by changing the way of thinking and behavior of the government officials.

e-Cabinet by design is complete multilingual platform. It provides option to work on multiple languages interfaces at the same time and also offers content localization.

e cabinet


  • Workflow for approval of materials
  • Digital signatures
  • Supports information versioning on multiple levels with automated versioning
  • Monitoring at any phase with status; number of received materials; due time for preparation; approval; waiting for an opinion, etc.
  • KPIs and scorecards
  • Raises collaboration on the next level – besides predefined document templates,
  • custom document templates
  • Dynamic approval allows practically unlimited number of approval levels
  • Multilingual by design – with option to work on multiple languages interfaces and content localization at the same time


  • Process of preparation, approval and submitting of every material which should be on a Government Session
  • Reception and archiving of all communication between Government and Government bodies
  • Workflow of reception, analyzing and approval of material in General Secretariat
  • Preparation of sessions for Government, Government Commissions and General collegiums
  • Publishing the Government Sessions agenda and conclusions to citizens
  • Detail reporting and statistics showing the government effectiveness in every step in the process
e cabinet


  • Active participation for every user from anywhere and anytime
  • Improvement of effectives of Government Ministries and General Secretariats
  • Increased agility of the administration - reduces the time needed for preparation of Government Session
  • Efficient communication - flexible and easy to use communication between Ministries and Government
  • Transparency of Government operations
  • Linking the Government Ministries and establishment of a starting point for developing a central position for building “Government knowledge”
  • Paperless session – reducing the costs for preparation and holding of sessions for the Government, Government Commissions and General collegiums
  • Reducing administrative costs and complexities in a process of preparation of Government Sessions
  • Enables access to Government Sessions agenda and conclusions in transparent and effective way