Nextsense - Apply Online


ApplyOnline gives to job seekers the possibility to apply for jobs in the public sector in an easy way, which guarantees an examination of all applications in a totally fair way, without any possibilities for discrimination or undue preferences to some candidates.

ApplyOnline has turned an inefficient, complicated and expensive paper based process into a user-friendly electronic operation that potential candidates can carry out from anywhere, at any time and at no cost.

The system covers all recruiting tasks performed by the Civil Servants Agency. After the first automated screening of the applicants’ formal qualifications, all meeting those requirements are sent by the system an invitation to testing. The testing is performed electronically including the checking of the answers and the result is published immediately after finishing the tests. The system then grades the applicants down to the final shortlist of five candidates.

ApplyOnline includes the processes for publishing of open job positions, submission of candidate applications, automated administrative selection of candidates, as well as the process of candidate testing for the specific job position. The final result is a rank-list of candidates that are most suitable for the specified job opening.