Nextsense - e-Employment


e-Employment is Information System for the Employment Service Agency that redefines the scope, size and results of the activities of the Agency, the job seekers as well as the employers.

This project changed the perception for the Employment Service Agency -from an agency for unemployed into an agency for employment.

The one-stop-shop system for employment improves the efficiency of the employment services, simplifies the employment process, improves the experience of job seekers and enhances citizen participation. At the same time cost savings are enabled for citizens, businesses and government, thus resulting in better confidence in the businesses and government.

This solution integrates several internal processes into one distributed and orchestrated process supported by the Agency in order to significantly reduce the waiting period of long-term unemployed workforce. The achieved result is: increased number of people that take part in the active measures for employment of the Agency and significantly increased speed of response.

The e-Employment portal provides services to employers, employees, and job seekers under the umbrella of the Employments Service Agency. It enables administration and management of the workforce which minimizes the financial impact of non-occupational disabilities, through the Disability Insurance program. This solution serves as the central source for information on Macedonia’s labor market and encourages self-sufficiency in the current and future workforce.