Nextsense - Single Sign On

Nextsense Single Sign-On

One eID and gateway to all eServices

Applications and services you provide to your customers and employees, be it web based or mobile, are your true asset. But, what about the access?

  • You have a hassle process of different registration and log in for each app?
  • Have you ever wondered what would it be like to use one set of credentials and gain access to all your web applications?

Nextsense Single Sign-On is here to handle it for you.

What is Nextsense Single Sign-On?

The “Only once” principle is the description of our service. Nextsense Single Sign-On enables users to enter only one set of credentials to access multiple web apps. SSO enables policy-driven password security and multi-factor authentication and authorization, fully configurable per web application in the cloud and behind the firewall – via desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Nextsense Single Sign-On enables businesses and governments to offer easy-to-use and secure access to sites and applications, by using a different range of authentication methods including existing eIDs, or by providing own eID, easily available through a simple integration.

Single Sign-On

What is eID?

The electronic ID or eID proves the citizen identity in the digital world. An electronic ID confirms that you are who you say you are when logging into digital services.

Nextsense Single Sign-On is an ideal solution for this purpose, enables businesses and government to offer easy-to-use and secure access to sites and applications, through a wide range of existing eID authentication methods, all easily available through a single integration:

  • Personal ID Card with a qualified certificate
  • Bank/Telco ID having qualified certificate
  • Mobile ID with certificate hosted in Cloud

Guaranteed Security and Compliance

Every secure portal requires four levels of authorization: anonymous, payment only, authorization per service and authorization with signature. SSO can fully enable them in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

Nextsense SSO as an eID Provider

Nextsense Single Sign-On enables you to become an eID provider through user enrollment process with identity validation.

Issuing an eID can be accomplished through a medium that has already verified identity and personal information, such as qualified service providers, Bank, Telecommunications, or through a physical identity validation over a counter.

It can be used for user authentication on all governmental portals:

  • use of citizen e-ID in all public institutions as a core national authentication key enabler
  • one user identity for all governmental portals and services
  • simplified and efficient access to electronic services across administrative authorities
  • standard components to be used and integrated by administrative authorities to provide eID single sign-on capabilities in their online application
Single Sign-On process

Set of core functionalities on your disposal

  • Enrollment, Registration and Authentication
  • Different authentication levels per application: basic authentication (e-mail & password), two factor authentication (SMS OTP, fingerprint, etc.), authentication with certificate or ID card
  • Simple integration of new applications’ back-end systems with Nextsense SSO
  • Supports integration with legacy systems, as a proxy, for applications that cannot have claims based authentication
  • Incorporated Authentication and Authorization mechanisms
  • User attributes exchange and management
  • Creation of pre-defined roles per application, needed for user authorization

Explore the benefits Single Sign-On

  • Access multiple applications and services with single credentials
  • Simplified and efficient access to electronic services on all governmental portals, or across the organization
  • Significantly improve customer satisfaction and reduce help desk costs
  • Improved compliance and security

What will you get with Single Sign-on?

Our solution archives the main goal and need of every organization – a Single Sign-On for authentication on all your portals, quick, easy and uncompromisingly safe.

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