Nextsense - Government


Nextsense is enabler in helping public institutions to reach their full potential. Nextsense e-Government and e-Democracy solutions help public institutions in the twenty-first century to be more representative, transparent, accessible, accountable and effective through the use of ICT.

Our e-Government solutions are focused on reducing the cost and times spent on processing paperwork and at the same time preserve our environment by eliminating a paper based workflow.

With more than 15 years of expertise, Nextsense is leading the implementation of high end solutions for electronic parliament and government, thus contributing significant change in functioning of the state institutions, bringing them closer to the citizens and give over of bureaucratic way of working.


Development of technology, process reengineering, the need for cost reduction and public institutions capacity and effectiveness strengthening, the need for greater efficiency and optimal utilization of resources emphasize a need for development and implementation of systems that will standardize and digitalize the whole processes and will offer top quality to customers.

Our solutions transform existing business processes, enabling communication and exchange of information and create an unbreakable bond between the public institutions, ministries, agencies, and citizens, and stimulate economic growth and development.

Nextsense e-Government solutions: