Nextsense - Interoperability Platform

NEXTSENSE Interoperability Platform

Nextsense Interoperability Platform provides safe, secure and standardized electronic exchange of information and documents through established world standards and protocols between public institutions under the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, and improves their efficiency in everyday working.

The existence of the Interoberability Platform provides a possibility for connectivity and communication between the other heterogeneous information systems from different institutions through the interoperable system, which was built based on commonly-accepted, world standards regarding operability.

interoperability platform

With the implemented solution, more than 100 e-services were provided for all users of the system, that has enhanced the public service delivery.

By standardizing the process for submitting transactions and documents and providing a single registration and Single-Sign On (SSO) experience, we have provided solutions to the common challenging problems faced by every Government Organization, when conducting business electronically:

  • The institution-based approach has been substituted with one approach which is a service based and centralized
  • Single, secure point of access
  • Regarding the integration of the information systems as well as the display of data, XML - based technologies are used.
  • Enterprise (Government) Application integration
  • Secure transmission of information
  • Information systems provide and use services through a layer of data exchange, based on multilateral deals.
  • Management of User identity and service authorization
interoperability architecture

Other benefits of being a part of the platform:

  • Safe, secure, fast and easier communication between the institutions
  • Defined standards for electronic exchange of information and documents
  • Improved efficiency in conducting administrative procedures
  • Legally compliant communication between the institutions in terms of providing documents ex officio

Nextsense as an implementer of the platform, can provide the following services for additional institution integration to the National Interoperability

  • Complete analyzes of the institution`s current IT infrastructure
  • Central Server & Communication client software component configuration and Implementation
  • Configuration services needed for connection to the National Interoperability
  • Testing, validation
  • Training for the IT personnel
  • Support