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Next generation services, next level of technology & business excellence

More than 17 years, Nextsense is dedicated on designing & development of cutting edge telecom solutions which enable telco service companies to provide an innovative and intelligent end-to-end services. We have a strong expertize and focus on the advanced e-business and e-company solutions that generate value for the customers and help them realize the potential of a connected world.

Offering high degree of reliability, assurance and guaranteed service quality, we enable and facilitate telecommunication companies to differentiate their offers, transform the processes into digital, provide ultimate user experience and lower their overall operating expense.

Our customers are strong international telco corporations and their subsidiaries. We are equally present on home and on international markets. Distance does not matter, we provide services remotely, localized to your needs.


Master in Digital Transformation

Today digital transformation is key driver and differentiator on the highly competitive telco market. Our strong experience in development of the high end e-business and e-company solutions will help you drive cost low and customer satisfaction high.

Nextsense technology know how is at your disposal to become your competitive advantage, delivering the consistent, quality services needed to achieve your business goals. With Nextsense you have permanent access to a workforce of experienced professionals who can discover, develop and deploy offered solutions.

Benefit from Nextsense advantages

  • Strong expertize in delivering high-end projects for Telcos: e-commerce, self-care portals, payment integration, signing suite, mobile apps and more
  • experience in deploying Telecom Portals solutions, SEO, SEM
  • experience and knowledge in implementing branding guidelines and standards
  • knowledge of the domain subject
  • extensive practice in systems and application security consulting and implementation
  • Access to knowledge from global vendors like Microsoft, Symantec etc.

By partnering with Nextsense, you will acquire customized value added solutions that provide new revenue opportunities and increase satisfaction of your customers.

We are at your disposal to transform technology to a value for your growth!

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