Nextsense - Real-Time Bill Production System

Real-Time Bill Production System

Quick and convenient bills generation with limitless possibilities

Bill production system by Nextsense is an ideal solution for fast, real - time generation of bills. It provides fully scalable system for production of PDFs from XML that will significantly decrease timeframe for bill production and delivery.

It offers limitless options for bill customization, segmentation of bills, usage of invoices for targeted marketing. With our innovative cost effective solution, you get excellence in bill production process.

Real-Time Bill Production System

Main Driving Components

  • Produce PDF’s from DB/XML in real-time
  • Create Database of Bills with metadata
  • PDF Bills Access through web services
  • Web services for XML/PDF bill statement reuse on all internal applications
  • Enables further development of performance-scalable applications
  • Different pipelines for customization, segmentation of bills and targeted marketing

Recognize some of the problems mentioned below?

We’re excellent at solving them for you!

  • Difficult and troublesome integration with other related systems (such as CRM, Web portals)
  • Unnecessary consumption of internet resources to complete the bill production process
  • Inability to generate different bill formats needed for different channels
  • Hard to change and manage different bill templates
  • Difficulties associated with bill storage and access
  • Limited or no possibility to use invoices for targeted marketing messages
  • No option for automated and segmented bill production
  • Time consuming & robust process of bill production - obstacle for any business to deliver timely billing information to customers
  • Difficulties for bill corrections or generating bills on customer demand to change service
Real-Time Bill Production System

Benefits we deliver

We always seek to discover and create products beyond your expectations. Our system is a valuable tool for efficient and effective bill processing. Here at Nextsense, we do utmost to cut your costs and increase efficiency!

Proven benefits we provide

  • PDF Template-based design of final bill statement
  • Informative Dashboard for close bill-production process monitoring
  • Decreased vendor dependency when introducing new bill designs
  • Flexible and quick response for new bill formats and designs
  • Enabled configuration for number of threads
  • Fully scalable solution
  • Minimized annual maintenance costs
  • Optimized license cost through consolidation of different application platforms
  • Web access to bill repository
  • Ability to establish robust document repository
  • Fast implementation cycle (2 to 4 months)
  • Ability to send targeted marketing messages
  • Enabled bill production controls: start, stop,
  • Enabled on demand bill generation to support corrected or changed service bill generation, independent from main bill run

Use the advantage of this proven Bill production system by Nextsense and increase efficiency, cut costs get full flexibility in bill production & formatting.