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Signing Suite

All you need for smart and secure digital signing

Paper signatures slow down the collaboration process and creates paper management challenges. Digital transformation cannot be performed without efficient online collaboration with the use of electronic document signing, compliant with EIDAS regulation.

We have the Solution!

Digital signing. Quick. Easy. Secure.

Nextsense Signing Suite is carefully developed composition of product and components that enable digital signing, timestamping, sealing and verification of documents, based on the highest security standards and regulations.

Secure electronic signature is enabled through all channels – browser, server, desktop, mobile and is applicable for all operations for signature application. You can easily sign PDF, XML or content/binary data any time, be it in the office or on the move.

Signing Suite

Nextsense experience - seal for quality

We have embedded our more than 15 years’ experience and expertise in digital signing, gained in development of over 70 solutions with digital signing in our unique Nextsense Signing Suite, providing you sound and secure digital signing products and components.

Security & standards – our responsibility

All latest EU regulations and standards are embedded in our signing portfolio. Our products and components are fully compliant with EU Directive for Trusted Services 910/2014 and Law on data in electronic form and electronic signature. Signing with Signing Suite is compliant with the following standards: PaDES standard for PDF, XaDES standard for XML, CaDES for content.

We go beyond expectations – continuous compliance with regulations and standards is our responsibility. You can fully rely on us, we follow all changes in regulations and provide automatic seamless updates on Signing Suite products and services.

Signing Suite

Get to know Nextsense Signing Suite components and products:

  • Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension
    Web based signing component that supports XML and PDF document signing from any web browser.
  • Nextsense Signing Server
    Server based system that enables organizations and governments to digitally sign and seal documents.
  • Nextsense Signing Portal
    Web based system collaboration platform for orchestration of documents digital signing process.
  • Nextsense Remote Signing
    Enables organizations to create hosted signing service for their employees or customers to digitally signing and/or timestamp documents trough a self-service portal application and mobile device with server hosted digital certificates.
  • Nextsense Time Stamp Authority
    Server unit which adds a timestamp, hence providing a data-integrity seal through a trusted time and date of when the electronic transaction took pace
  • Nextsense eDelivery
    Enables data and documents exchange in electronic form over secure, reliable and trusted communication channel, providing delivery proof through a digitally signed confirmation receipt.
  • Nextsense Single Sign On
    “Only once” principle, one set of credentials to access multiple web apps EU eID compliant note

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