Nextsense - e-Permits

e-PERMITS (System for automatic issuance and distribution of licenses)

The ePermits system orchestrates and automates the process for issuing any permits and licenses by managing all required legal steps, documents and inter-institutional communication, thus ensuring compliance with the active regulations and timely service delivery, enabling information access to anyone involved in the process, from anywhere, thus achieving faster decision-making, transparency and lower bureaucracy within the institutions.


The system on electronic issuance of licenses is one of the rear ones completely digital systems of this type in Europe that does not use any paper, but operates only with electronic versions of this projects, opinions and all documents nесеѕѕагу for completing the process.

This is the one of the best examples of the innovativeness and the uniqueness of the implemented solution. The information system for electronic approvals for construction enables efficient, transparent and uniform manner on procedure for all responsible institutions and subjects under the state-of-the-art standards.

With the use of the system, the following advantages are provided:

  • better registration, record keeping and overview of the new and already completed requests
  • control of the whole procedure
  • transparency on each level from the request process
  • increase of the operation efficiency
  • increase of productivity and the capacity of processing the requests
  • overview in the keeping the deadline and
  • digital connectivity and interoperability

The system provides the following benefits for the all involved stakeholders in the process:

  • Reducing the time necessary for submission
  • Defining roles of all involved institution employees
  • Distribution of cases within the institution
  • Time, Status and Process tracking
  • Independent view of subjects relevant for each Employee/Institution/role/citizen
  • Connection between each prime Institution and external institutions relevant for the process of issuing permit (Electrical company, water authority, Cadaster, … etc)
  • Simple and flexible communication Citizen – Prime Institution – External Institution
  • Measuring the performances, the civil servants who are participating in the process
  • Reducing of the paper usage - Green e-solutions