Nextsense - Urban Planning Management

Urban Planning Management

The strategic development goal of this solution was usage of Information Communication Technology in the electronic management procedure for the urban plans implementation and urban planning documentations.

The complex software solution for electronic processing of urban plans and urban planning documentations provided electronic services and involved all concerned legal entities and individuals in the country. The process covers the full cycle with all stages of the procedure for adoption of urban physical plan, i.e. approval of urban planning documentation provided by the Law on Urban Planning.

With this system has been achieved the integration, standardization and high-level cooperation among all stakeholders.

The entire solution is based on a software platform that enables designing and managing processes, documents and digital signatures.

urban planning

With the implementation of this solutions, the following functional characteristics are achieved and provided:

  • Initiating the start of the urban plan implementation procedure
  • Evidence and records of the initiated procedures for adopting urban plans
  • Allocation of the procedures to appropriate institutions / entities, according to the type of plans and arrangements made for the preparation of the plans
  • Central segment to monitor the legal deadlines at every stage of the procedure
  • Connecting and forwarding the requests to external entities or authorized legal persons, as well as to the members of the committees involved in the procedure for adoption of the planning document
  • Central storage for all of the documents, as initially submitted (in electronic version), how they will be updated during the procedure
  • Generating templates and documents, and possibilities for their archiving, printing, forwarding
  • Informing the stakeholders that the process is completed
  • Providing of Access Rights to each municipality only to the documents related to its territory
  • Defining the rights and privileges of access to all levels (municipality, sector, beneficiary)
  • Designing of the public portal through which all stakeholders can monitor the progress and status of the process of making plans
  • Possibility of notification of citizens (end users) via e-mail for the start of the process and adopting urban plans in areas of interest
  • Generates reports and BI (Business Intelligence) and monitoring
  • The system offers access to external institutions and citizens to the public segment of the system (interoperability)
  • Digitally signing of all of the process steps and documents
urban planning

The software system for e-management of urban plans, has been launched on 1st of May 2015 and available for all municipality and related sectors in ministries in Macedonia on