Nextsense - e-Vendor


Transform your Procurement

Nextsense E-Vendor is customer-centered, component based solution aiming to deliver easy and hustle free procurement process to every business. You would be pleased to cut on complex documentation and time-consuming e-mails without sacrificing collaboration and communication. Fast, easy, convenient for you and for your vendors, allows you to have full control over procurement process, while all documents are on one place, always at your sight.

E-Vendor promotes ease of use and world-class quality automation essential to every successful procurement process. We don’t stripe away features you need, instead, we build your experience around them.


Full online Vendor management

Nextsense e-Vendor solution provides your business vast Array of Functionalities for a smooth procurement process. Our solution is module based and you can choose and combine modules based on established procurement process in your organization.

Vendor Registration

  • Simple online Vendor Registration
  • Easy Vendor Approval
  • Vendor Classification

Announcements publication

  • Online Prequalification approval
  • Automated Procurement Process Triggering
  • Predefined offer submitting period
  • Template based publishing of procurement announcements

Announcements Dashboard

  • Tasks and Obligations Dashboard
  • Integrated Q&A Process
  • Instant Notifications

Bidding Modules

  • Internal approvals
  • Best bidder/application selection Process

Advanced Contracts Approval module

  • Digital signing of documents with Nextsense Signing Portal

Purchase Order Module

  • Invoices & Account Receivable Module

Upgrade your procurement - lower your costs

Transforming your procurement process into digital, your business will gain true benefits:

  • Automation of processes
  • Usage of predefined tools (forms)
  • Convenient self-care tool
  • Time and Cost reduction
  • Increases process efficiency
  • Notifications for the new tenders, tendering evaluation status, contracts, orders, accounts receivables
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Technology leadership

Contact us and we’ll transform your Procurement process into digital, based on your needs.