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Leading the Digital transformation

Nextsense, is specialized in driving complete digital transformation processes and delivering ICT solutions to improve the business performance of a wide range of organizations.

Utilizing a leading-edge technology, our products and solutions are also founded on our expertise and experience in building digital solutions for government and renowned enterprises in Telecom, Finance and other industries across Europe and wider.

Being committed to guiding the companies through the digital transformation process, we assist them in changing the way they do business from paper to digital. We envision and develop complex ICT solutions, enabling them to implement intelligent solutions for automation of their internal and customer-related processes.

From secure, trusted and fully compliant digital solutions for signing, sealing, timestamping, verification, e-delivery and e-documents to tailored e-Parliament and e-Government worldwide – the domain knowledge, tools, techniques and technology enable us to reach opportunities worldwide.

We are recognized as a partner of trust, a company with vision and know-how to create value for our clients. Our vision and commitment to innovation and excellence in the technology marketplace, has brought us many recognitions and awards.

Passion and dedication to work are the keys to our success. Achievements from the past and challenges of the new age empower us to the next level of experience.

Our Experience is Your Seal of Quality!

Current Partnerships/Certifications

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Symantec Platinum Partner
  • Authorized Adobe Reseller
  • Authorized Corel Reseller
  • Authorized GFI Reseller
  • Authorized Ipswitch Reseller
  • Authorized PRTG Reseller

Our Mission

To provide the users with the very best services and solutions, that will enable greater competitiveness, quality and improvement of their business. Nextsense strives toward improving the presence at both, the domestic and the regional market, restructuring for growth and development, as well as expanding its product portfolio.

Securing, maintaining and increasing our customer satisfaction is one of the more important missions that we continuously work on.

Our Vision

Our commitment to work is the key to our customers’ success.

To build position of innovative solutions and services provider, with a priority focus on the following market segments: government, financial industry, telecommunications, media and advertising.

To ensure continuous sales increase and monitoring, increasing our presence in the existing, as well as regional markets.

To provide continuous support, necessary for our business partners business.

To provide continuous development that follows the latest advances in information technology.