Nextsense - e-Invoices


We deliver expertise and excellence. This is our way of Smart, Easy and Convenient invoicing!

Solution Overview

Nextsense e-Invoice is an innovative, web-based system developed with meticulous attention to detail and precision. The solution is refined to the finest functionalities, using cutting-edge technologies that meet the most demanding, ever-changing customer needs. The system aims for complete invoicing digitalization within the company hence allowing for streamlined tracking and approval process amongst its users. E-invoices introduces a new time and cost-saving quality dimension to any modern business.


E-invoices benefits we are proud of:

1. Quick and easy processing of all incoming and outgoing e-invoices

2. Real-time e-invoice tracking

3. Advanced document searching

4. Instant notifications

5. Access to contracts part of a financial approval process

6. Simultaneous invoice approval from different companies/branches at once

7. Ability to assign different roles to one system user

8. Full track record – History of executed user actions within the system

9. Centralized communication approach through comments and group discussions

10. Can be integrated with external ERP system

11. Highly customizable to satisfy a broad specter of different requirements


E-Invoices is a perfect fit for:

  • Companies aiming to digitalize their financial processes using cutting-edge, innovative solutions
  • Those in need for more efficient and effecting communication amongst different enterprise departments
  • Companies seeking to increase interpersonal, corporate-interaction amongst employees
  • Resource and cost saving oriented enterprises

Foundational core functionalities:

  • Safe, secure and personalized sing-in
  • Main Dashboard containing all categorized invoices
  • Advanced, fast and easy e-invoice searching and access
  • Suppliers management
  • Contracts management
  • Creating e-invoices
  • Document archiving
  • Fully customizable system
  • CDR (e-Archive) integration

We deliver value by introducing native interaction between our solutions and our clients. Through putting the customers at the heart of our solutions, we’re able to offer a bundle of functionalities to make your invoicing process a favorable experience.