Nextsense - Corporate Document Repository

Corporate Document Repository

CDR – the place where corporate document management meets complete digitalization, ease of use and productivity!

More than just a simple Document Repository

With Nextsense Corporate Document Repository your business will experience a new quality dimension – organization, distribution, classification, central repository and online access to all corporate documents, safe and secure, at any time.

With a few clicks, all incoming and outgoing documents entering the document repository are being effectively scanned, distributed and archived. The system is equipped with the latest search and share functionalities and is available online 24/7 wherever you are.

Corporate Document Repository

We keep it Secure with Access Rights Management

We make sure our solutions are always safe and highly secured. Through successfully employing an access rights management in CDR, we succeeded to deliver on our commitment.

This security approach spans to all segments of the system, starting from document access rights to searching and integration services. It guaranties that the users whom the document is distributed to and the responsible persons in the company are the only ones that can access the document.

The management of the user`s privileges provides availability of the system to each employee within the company, but without jeopardizing the ownership of the documents hence preventing unauthorized information access.

Corporate Document Repository

Core CDR Functionalities and Benefits your business needs right now:

Advanced Document Search Engines

Simple and Easy document search within the archive will be one of the key benefits for your organization. By using all available parameters, CDR users can search through any document they have access to.

Never miss a deadline – Utilize the Power of CDR Alarms

Add text-customizable alarms to your documents, schedule reminders for crucial deadlines and set your worries aside. From here on, CDR will make sure none of your deadlines are ever missed again!

Discuss, Collaborate, Achieve!

Now anyone having access to a document can add a comment, start a discussion or engage in a collaboration and yet do it all in one place. Keeping in touch just became more convenient than ever before.

Document Entry is a Breeze

Fast and easy document entry through the use of scan-to-mail functionalities, direct entry from a local computer or manual attachments.


Corporate Document Repository MOBILE App

Your documents – your companion every step of the way. Forever.

Document access and management on the go is the luxury we want you to experience. CDR Mobile is a convenient way to keep your peace of mind while staying on top of your business game. You can rest assured that all incoming documents and crucial deadlines are never to be missed again.

interoperability platform

CDR Mobile:

  • iOS and Android platforms
  • Full native applications
  • Easy access via App-Store & Google Play
  • Basic to full feature app gradually overtime

Why do we love Mobile?

Mobile powers our society. We bring you the future of document management to your doorstep.

All-around benefits:

1. Strong Brand Presence

2. 24/7 document access and availability

3. Better performance compared to websites

4. Nurture customer loyalty and satisfaction

5. Streamlined, efficient and effective business process

6. Reliability and ease of use

7. Unique customer value

8. Always a step ahead from competition

Corporate Document Repository mobile

Must-have, essential features:

  • Personalized, customizable dashboard
  • Quick and advanced search engines
  • Document & case details overview
  • User Action-enabled solution
  • Document preview (read)
  • Complete user management and control
  • Centralized communication through alarms and discussions
  • Document Geo-location
  • Profile management
  • Push notifications
  • Inherit authentication mechanism
  • Import documents from external systems