Nextsense - Signing Portal

Nextsense Signing Portal

The ultimate solution for seamless digital signing process

Signing Portal is a solution that provides efficient distribution and signing of electronic documents that are part of the business processes within the company or with its customers. It optimizes business procedures by replacing the physical distribution of paper documents and their manual signing process with atomized exchange and e-document signing practice, reducing the document transaction window from days/weeks to minutes.

Signing Portal is a web based collaboration platform that enables orchestration of documents` digital signing process through all versions of modern web browsers (Chrome, Edge, Mozilla, Opera) without using Java. For that purpose, NS Web Browser Signing Extension should be previously downloaded on the client`s machine from the specific Browser’s store. Digital Signing process enabled with this solution is in compliance with the EU Directive for Trusted Services 910/2014, which is in in force from 1st of July 2016 (replacing directive 1999/93) and with the law on data in electronic form and electronic signature.

Signing Portal

Main Benefits

  • Availability - Parties involved in the signing process are able to access the documents at any time, any place. Signed documents are online available for preview or download.
  • User Management - For each involved participant in the signing process, a specific role can be assigned
  • Security - Any attempt for accessing the documents goes through authentication and authorization process of the user`s profile
  • Signing from anywhere - Distributed electronic documents can be signed from desktop (web application) or mobile device (mobile application)
  • Easier collaboration - Collaboration between employees and client’s parties is simplified and more efficiant. There is no need of paper documents and manual signing that prolong the business procesess in the organization
Signing Portal

Features for flawless experience

  • Signing Cases - Possibility of document classification per Signing Case. Additional documents can be added to the case, based on the business needs, at any time. User can review all active cases that are on hold for digital signing, as well as already signed cases and documents
  • Signing Templates – possibility to create templates based on specific signing procedures (per type of contract)
  • Cover page – Each signing case has a summary document where all detailed information about the particular case are given
  • Document verification - Each Signing Case has a compliance checklist, which offers easier verification of the submitted and signed documents during the signing process and case closure
  • Signing Cases orchestration - Signing Cases orchestration is available per signing priority. Easy document upload and signing cases management is available
  • Out of office – a participant can predefine other users who are allowed to sign the documents during his absence (out of office)
  • User-friendly interface - Users can easily access the portal to digitally sign all documents needed for the business case
  • Notifications - For successfully and on-time document signing, notifications per activity and per participant are enabled through the system
  • Chat - All involved participants in the signing case can chat for the specific case
  • User Management Module – Administrators are able to set user profiles and privileges
  • Integration – the solution is integrated with NS Web Browser Signing Extension that supports PDF (according to PDF (PAdES) standards) and XML document signing in most popular browsers. Also, the solution can be integrated with Corporate Document Repository, ERP or other custom made solution

Looking at the present, conventional way of the contract signing process as a particular case, where several parties and signatories are involved, a software solution like Nextsense Signing Portal could be a perfect match for overcoming time and document management challenges.

The solution will provide employees and companies` customers an opportunity to expedite business processes and increase collaboration effectiveness, through the orchestrated digital singing process.