Nextsense - eCommerce


Powerful Shopping Platform

Advanced Nextsense e-commerce platform enables your company with full control and central management of all e-business online shopping processes.

Nextsense e-commerce solution is powerful addition to WebBuilder CMS platform, which brings you the opportunity for to implement fully customizable, feature – rich platform for e-commerce services through your website. It provides technical and business components for high utilization and availability of contents and services, thus meeting business and customers’ requirements.

It offers optimized, flexible and scalable multi-channel commerce for intuitive web user handling. Integrated with your backend systems, it provides full automation of e-commerce processes.

Our mobile friendly platform has powerful inventory tools, supports unlimited number of products, and is suitable for large scale, complex e-commerce application with complete shopping cart solution.


Boost your sales – shift to online

No matter if you need it for B2C or B2B driven sales, Nextsense e-Commerce platform provides your business flexible and adaptable marketplace with unique customer experience.

Nextsense e-commerce platform provides:

  • Advanced product and content management
  • Innovative system for discounts and promotions
  • System for customer authorization
  • Product bundling system
  • External data-feed management
  • Orders Management System
  • Notifications system (monitoring, message, tool for errors)
  • User Experience Tracking models/Web analytic models and data
  • SEO/SEM/- conditions and configuration level and flexibility of maintenance
  • Multi-platform/device support – mobile first
  • Multilanguage
  • Complete marketing campaign management
  • Integration with other systems

We drive the customer straight to the point

Used for high-end online shopping processes in telco and other industries, with millions successful online purchases, Nextsense e-Commerce platform can provide your customers unique customer journey and take the customer to the goal – get the desired service by real time provisioning or buy the product tailored to the customer’s needs with fast delivery or pick up at the store.


Transform business targets to results

Nextsense e-Commerce platform has unlimited possibilities for targeted driven online shopping process. You can easily transform your business targets into real purchases by implementing customizes sales, based on the customer behavior and Customer Relationship Managements triggers. Our experienced team can drive you though this process to pull maximum. You will be suppressed by the results!

E-Commerce management provides your business wide array of advanced services

  • Customers/customers data management
  • Billing services
  • Service management
  • Workforce management (appointment)
  • Trouble Ticketing/Self-diagnostic tool
  • FAQ/Help Support
  • Configurable reach Product Catalogue
  • Management of the ordering process - E-sales processes
  • Omni channel - Virtual Shopping Basket

Now you can sell more and spend less!

Contact us and we will transform your business into unique, powerful marketplace for your customers.