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Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension

Sign easy and quickly without the need of Java installation

The digital transformation processes require many new tools and technologies that will replace the paper based processes with increased security compliant with globally defined standards. In order to have a valid PDF or XML document that will be exchanged electronically, it has to be digitally signed with an e-signature, that is in compliance with XAdES, as a leading standard for digital signatures for XML documents, or in compliance with PAdES, as a standard for digital PDF document signatures.

These days, every one of us is faced with difficulties to digitally sign a PDF or XML document through several of the latest modern web browsers, or without a need of JAVA installation. Because of it, the web app solution providers are facing enormous number of support calls from the application end-users, making them unproductive, since it takes a large amount of their working time and resources.

Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension

What is Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension?

Nextsense Web Browser Extension for Client Signing is a web browser component that supports easy and quick in browser digital signing of XML or PDF documents, time stamping, signature verification and digital certificates searching.

This extension enables client browser signing of documents with user’s locally stored digital certificates.

Currently, we have to note that Nextsense Web Browser Extension is the only one who is verified, enabled and supported by all versions of the 4 (four) leading modern web browsers (Chrome, Opera, Firefox Mozilla and Microsoft Edge) without a need for using Java.

Integrating extension for use in your application is straightforward with supplemented scripts and gives you an opportunity to implement a component for digital signing of XML or PDF files, in full compliance with global technical standards, laws and regulations in the country and EU.

Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension

Use the advantages of Web Browser Signing Extension

  • Sign PDF or XML document
  • Encryption PDF document with certificate or password
  • Timestamping PDF and XML document
  • Sign documents with one or more visible or invisible electronic signatures
  • Easy integration with your web applications
  • Easy configuration
  • Manipulation with certificate - Filtering certificate by: trusted issuers / thumbprint / subject
  • Document previewer enables document content reading
  • Previous signature detection
  • Large document signing 200MB+
  • Automatic detection of extension and native client installation
  • Automatic update of browser’s extensions

Platforms and browsers support

It supports virtually all major web platforms and browsers. Nextsense team takes care for all updates and new releases of the platforms and browsers and upgrade compatibility of Web Browsing Extension, making it easy to use without contains.

Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension

Simple and convenient Licensing

Nextsense Signing Extension Products are licensed on a subscription base model, with per year and per unit pricing.  A Unit can be defined as a "domain" or "validity in years", where the subscription validity per unit is 1 year.

There are several discount policies, depending on the quantity of ordered units.

Depending on the customer needs and purposes, 2 (two) types of Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension are available:

Every type of the above mentioned Signing Extension, requires separate license unit.