Nextsense - e-Expenses


Faster expense creation and tracking – guaranteed

Nextsense e-Expenses is an all-around intuitive software aiming for complete digitalization and automation of the expense approval and reporting processes within your business. Its foundation lays on our extensive experience and research to deliver quality solutions capable of accurately mapping your business requirements.

Core features and functionalities every successful business needs:

  • Expense creation
  • Automated Reports
  • Approval requests for submitted expense reports
  • Approval levels configuration and management
  • Expense recording automation
  • Payment method tracking
  • Analysis

Benefits at your disposal

E-expenses keeps your work quick and straight to the point. Simple and agile solutions is our way of caring for you.

  • Streamlined and automated expense tracking processes
  • Simplified expense creation and approval
  • Ease of use and traceability
  • Expenses data-analytics
  • Promotes expenditure transparency and control
  • Digitalization of processes
  • Ability to forecast future reoccurring expenditures

We are at your disposal to shift your expenses related process online, contact us and you will get an insight on benefits and functionalities that suites your business.