Nextsense - e-Parliament


Nextsense e-Parliament solution transforms the preparation and execution of the legislative procedure from paper to paperless, enabling access to rich, contextual information to everyone involved in parliamentary process, anywhere and on any device.

The e-Parliament represents a solution that transforms the methods of operation of the Parliaments and also raise the operations of the MPs and professionals in parliament to a new, advanced and automative level.


The solution involves the following processes:

  • Legislation process
    • Initiating draft act
    • Process of preparation, approval and submission of draft acts
    • Process of submission of amendments
  • Sessions of working bodies (agenda, conclusions, minutes)
  • Plenary Sessions of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia (agenda, conclusions, transcripts, voting reports)
  • Parliamentary Questions
  • Automation of work of President of Assembly, Secretary General, MPs, Parliamentary groups
  • Publishing of agenda, conclusions, transcripts, voting reports of the Sessions Parliament and working bodies

One of the most important parts of the system is the so-called Parliamentary Desktop, which automates the work of the Assembly President, Secretary General, MPs, and Parliamentary groups. The system also embraces the Public web portal, Parliament Web TV, scorecards and Key Performance Indicators.


  • Integrates multiple legislative stakeholders and processes into one orchestrated process;
  • Improves performance by reducing time needed in legislative process;
  • Reduces process complexity and shortens the learning curve for MPs and Government officials (process driven);
  • Saves money by decreasing the costs for preparation and holdings of sessions and elimination paper in the process.