Nextsense - Remote Signing

Nextsense Remote Signing

Flexibility of digital signing

Nextsense Remote Signing enables organizations to create hosted signing service for their employees or customers to digitally sign and/or timestamp documents trough a self-service portal application and server hosted digital certificates. Aimed at delivering flexibility to businesses, it provides fast and secure digital document signing from any internet-connected device.

Using Nextsense Remote Signing, your organization can build powerful applications with digital signing capability by simply integrating a remote signing of XML or PDF documents. End users are enabled to sign important documents from their desk, mobile or any browser enabled application, as well as sign and approve document that require their signature.


Guaranteed Security

Our solution is easy to use, quick to learn and fast to implement, with guaranteed extensive layers of security based on the Two-Factor Authentication for additional security and validation. For complete mobility, digital signing key is securely hosted on server infrastructure which is protected by HSM (Hardware Secure Module).

Benefits of using Nextsense Signing Server for Remote Signing


Remote Signing is perfectly suited for:

  • Implementation of a system for electronic document signing which will enable end-users to sign documents from remote locations, be it through their mobile device, tablet, laptop or etc.
  • Signing all documents using the same certificate
  • Multiple document signing at once
  • High, fraud-free certificate security without an active threat of signature repudiation
  • The ability to sign all PDF and XML documents and be compliant with the latest industry standards

Increase efficiency, use vast array of signing options

This powerful signing solution enables server based user or organizational signing:

  • comprehensive remote signing solution for document signing and verification of digital signatures on PDF and XML documents
  • protected by an HSM modules, (FIPS 140 level 3, locked-down in an audited ceremony)
  • integration with any RFC 3161 TSA service (internal or publicly available TSA service)
  • sign or seal documents with one or more visible or invisible electronic signatures
  • create and verify all common signature formats, including: PAdES, CAdES, XAdES, XML DigSig
mobile application for remote signing

Nextsense Remote based Cryptography Service Provider features

We have further extended the possibility for using hosted certificates by developing specialized Cryptography Service Provider that allows users to sign documents with their hosted certificates from any locally installed application, like Acrobat Reader without the need to upload documents for signing to the remote signing web portal.

When installed on local computer, Nextsense CSP provides signing capabilities with remote certificates in same way as they were installed locally on user workstation.

  • Enables signing with a certificate stored in Nextsense based Remote Signing solutions
  • CSP must be installed on a local computer
  • Works with certificates stored in Remote system in the same way as if they were stored on a local computer
  • Transparent for applications that are performing signing (Adobe Acrobat, etc.)
  • Eliminates the need for storing certificates on a local computer or USB dongles

Contact us now and we will provide you detailed presentation of unique features and use cases for advanced digital remote signing, based on your organization’s needs and specific requirements.