Nextsense - e-Delivery


Send documents electronically and receive delivery slip instantly!

Nextsense eDelivery enables data and documents exchange in electronic form over secure, reliable and trusted communication channel, applicable for all authorities, legal and physical entities. It provides delivery proof through a digitally signed confirmation receipt.

  • No more Postal deliveries
  • No more R – Recommended handling
  • No additional costs for: printing, paper, envelop or costs for handling the delivery

Nextsense eDelivery is one the first Certified Electronic Delivery information system in region.

It is implemented in accordance with the Laws on electronic management and the digital signature of documents, and it is based by the EU standards for digitalization.

E-Delivery is ideal for:

  • Government and public institutions
  • Funds
  • Public enterprises
  • Municipalities
  • Legal and other persons that have public authorization

Main functionalities include:

  • Unlimited number of users in a single institution
  • Set of different user roles
  • Defining user groups
  • Digital signing without the need to install Java
  • Document signing orchestration
  • Unlimited storage of documents
  • User support
  • User portal for message management
  • Delivery templates
  • Message delivery tracking
  • Multiple attachments to message document
  • Notification system
  • Conversation distribution