Nextsense - Construction e-Permits System

Construction e-permits system

The construction e-permits system orchestrates and automates the process for issuing construction permits by managing all required legal steps, documents and inter-institutional communication, thus ensuring compliance with the active regulations and timely service delivery. 

The design implementation of the system has been oriented to create a solid infrastructure that begins in the actual Microsoft base software (database, application server, LDAP…).

System Functionalities 

  • Accepting requests through web-based system directly in digital form;
  • Overview and archiving received requests;
  • Distribution of requests to related municipalities and institutions, based on construction category;
  • Distribution of requests per employees within the municipality;
  • Central system for tracking legal time-frames for each process phase;
  • Connection with relevant external institutions, distributing and forwarding requests for collecting their opinion and evidence of all opinions and institutional documents back in the central system according legal time-frames;
  • Digital signing of all steps and actions by all involved users in the system;
  • Generating template documents for most common needs with appropriate municipality logo and data, their archiving and possibility for their printing and forwarding through the system;
  • Issuing construction permit and informing the applicants;
  • Document versioning;
  • Restricted access of each municipality to their documents only;
  • Defining roles and access rights;
  • Dynamic process flow based on the hierarchy in the Municipality;
  • User switch between several roles in the process;
  • Possibility for each applicant to follow the status of his requests;
  • SMS and e-mail notification for status change of requests;
  • Integration with Ministry and State Inspectorate Authority and their notification and access to each application that exceeds
  • legal time-frame for each process phases;
  • Integration and forwarding requests to the Court for applications that are under court investigation;
  • Reports and overviews by key parameters;
  • Restricted portal segment for each applicant, so he can prepare for new requests and overview and follow existing

The main goal of the solution is tracking the process of issuing construction permits through management of required legal steps, documents and inter-institutional communication, everything monitored by legal time-frames and responsibilities.

  • Reducing the time necessary for submission;
  • Defining roles of all involved municipality employees;
  • Distribution of subjects within the Municipality;
  • Independent view of subjects relevant for each Municipality/Employee/Institution/role/citizen;
  • Connection between each Municipality and external institutions relevant for the process of issuing permit (Electrical company, water authority, Cadastre, … etc);
  • Optimization of the processes for decisions and approvals;
  • Simple and flexible communication Citizen - Municipality and Municipality - Institution;
  • Process tracking;
  • Measuring the performances of the civil servants who are participating in the process;
  • Reducing of the paper usage in the Municipality and Institutions;
  • Reducing of the percentage of printed or scanned materials.

Benefits for citizens

  • Fast and effective way of submitting application without long queues, misunderstandings and restrict working times and breaks;
  • Transparency in the complete process of issuing the permit, through overview of process statuses;
  • Detail information for the application status through SMS and e-mail notifications as well as evidence and citizen involvement if some additional documents are required in the process;
  • Direct savings for application submission as digital files and scans are required only, no printing costs, copies, etc.

Benefits for Municipalities and institutions

  • Complete overview of applications, by process status;
  • Overview of legal time frames per application;
  • Digital interconnection with external institutions in order for accurate response and receiving their opinions for each application;
  • Greater working efficiency;
  • Process control;
  • Increasing productivity and capacity for processing applications;
  • Transparency in each segment of issuing process; 
  • Covering the complete process of issuing permit.


Association of the units of local self - government of the Republic of Macedonia – ZELS

  • Municipalities: 83 + City of Skopje;
  • Roles per municipality: 8;
  • Institutions: over 100;
  • Trained stuff: over 1.000 (municipalities: >500, institutions: >300, companies: >200, …);
  • 100% digital: All users have Digital signatures.