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IT Support and Maintenance

We build long-term relationships with our customers. You can always rely on us!

We aim to provide our clients well-timed and best quality support and maintenance of their IT solutions and systems. Nextsense employs top experts which are not only certified, but have also proved themselves through the many years spent at the support department.

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Nextsense support department is established to provide the most competent and most professional support that can be received at the market for wider circle of clients. Our goal is always to keep satisfied our clients, by offering maximum quality and attention.

The way of working, the processes and the structure of this department are strictly defined which guarantees maximal customer satisfaction as well as punctual and accurate fulfillment of the obligations towards the clients.


Friendly helpdesk team is at your service when you need them most.

We provide remote and on-site support. Our experts are trained and highly competent for diagnosing and resolving different types of issues.

Advanced ticketing solution - Nextsense Customer Service was developed and implemented by Nextsense to answer the customers’ needs.

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Nextsense mission is to provide timely resolution of incidents, problems, errors, and inquiries within approved requirements contained in service level agreements and keep customer satisfaction on high level.

We work with many types of customers with unique needs and different budget levels. We customize our support offers and SLA for each customer in order to help them get the best value and select services according to their needs.


8x5 (Mon-Fri 08- 17 h)

24x7 (Mon – Sun 00-24 h)

Types of incidents

R1 Major

R0 Critical

R2 Minor

R1 Major

R2 Minor


We handle all monitoring for you, incidents, problems and change request in order to keep your systems updated, upgraded and healthy every single day.


Incident Management

Problem Management

Change Management

First level of support (L1):

Detection of the recurrent incidents;

Analyses of change requests;

Second level of support (L2):

Analyses and detection of the reasons for the problems origin;


Third level of support (L3):

Preparation of reports with the results.

Analyses of possibilities for implementation and the influence of the change implementation;

Hierarchical escalation

Acceptance or refusal of the change request;

Incident closing with previous acceptance and confirmation from the customer.

Implementation of changes


“It is a great pleasure for us to confirm that Nextsense Ltd. Skopje, in the past years of cooperation, delivered the products and services for implementation and maintenance of IT solutions and systems for the need of the Employment Service Agency of the Republic of Macedonia professionally and exclusively quality and timely, and in accordance with the requested specifications, and at the same time offering innovation in the approach to the implementation and maintenance of solutions.”

Mrs. Silvana Trajkovska, Head of IT Department

Employment Service Agency of the Republic of Macedonia


“Nextsense demonstrated great experience and professionalism in accordance with our agreement for system support of the Microsoft based network infrastructure.

We would like to express our intention of continuing our cooperation with Nextsense in future and we strongly recommend them for their competitiveness and professionalism.”

Nikola Dimovski, Head of IT&T

Alkaloid AD Skopje