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ZONE PARKING SYSTEM is the first and widest mobile parking solution in Macedonia and it represents the most convenient solution for parking management and control. We provide operating system to manage all mobility services for municipalities, parking operators and other mobility service providers.

zone parking system


With adopting most efficient parking management, you can reduce the problems inside the city and straightforwardly impact the air pollution and environment.

On-street parking project in downtown city Skopje started its realization on the 24 August 2009. The project represents a new solution for parking management in the city center- zoning, payment by a mobile phone, digital permits and parking enforcement. The project is success from the very start and currently the number of more than 600K user profiles is a good confirmation for it.

After few months of operating, it expands to other municipalities in the city of Skopje and other cities in Macedonia including city of Strumica. The public company in Strumica through smart parking project provides social activities, such as supporting the energy efficiency projects by implementing free parking for electric and hybrid cars. allows for parking operators to increase service quality, improve financial results, cut costs and make drivers happy customers.

zone parking system


  • On-street parking
  • Digital permits
  • Parking enforcement
  • User web page
  • Mobile phone app

Main Benefits

  • Transparent money flow due to increase of non-cash payments
  • Improved parking management
  • Organized parking for the residents
  • Online access to the parking statistics
  • Real-time transactions and reporting
  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Customers can recharge their parking account anytime anywhere
  • Customers can manage their own parking account, receive reports, and make payments

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