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Nextsense Microsoft Partnership

As a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, with more than 15 years of experience and commitment to Microsoft technologies, Nextsense has demonstrated a substantial expertise with Microsoft technologies and proved ability to meet customers’ needs in any industry.


Throughout the years, Nextsense has achieved the following partnership status with Microsoft:

  • Microsoft LSP - Licensing Solutions Provider
  • Microsoft CSP - Cloud Service Provider (Direct Partner)
  • Microsoft SPLAR - Services Provider License Agreement Reseller


Nextsense is confirmed market leader and expert in providing the best Microsoft licensing solutions to its clients, suitable and customized for each client separately, based on their specific needs and requirements, and always in accordance with Microsoft licensing policy.

Because of our proven Microsoft software licensing expertise, we continuously help our clients by offering them consulting services related with management of their software properties with minimal costs.


Gold Application integration

The Application Integration competency recognizes partners and developers who integrate unique applications and solutions into various products across the Microsoft ecosystem and demonstrate expertise in a hybrid integration platform. Microsoft partners who has achieved this competency can help their customers to automate business process execution and workflow by seamlessly connecting their on-premises systems to cloud-based applications. Whether their applications run in the cloud or on-premises, customers have the flexibility to seamlessly connect applications, unlock data, and automate business process anywhere.

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Silver Cloud Platform

The Cloud Platform competency is enables partners to make the most of the growing demand for infrastructure and software as a service (SaaS) solutions built on Microsoft Azure. T

Partners with Cloud Platform competency, can help customers modernize their infrastructure, migrate applications and data to the cloud, and build analytics solutions on data platforms in the cloud. They can also deliver services and build products using SaaS and PaaS solutions available on Azure Marketplace. In addition, Cloud Platform competency enables partners to offer differentiated managed services to customers and manage their customers’ infrastructure.

Silver Collaboration and Content competency

Collaboration and Content competency helps partners who have achieved this competency to stand out as a partner that is capable of delivering SharePoint solutions. SharePoint empowers individuals and teams to intelligently discover, share, and collaborate on content from anywhere and on any device, on-premises or in-the-cloud with Office 365 integration. With more than 200,000 organizations using SharePoint today and over 1 million developers that make up a $10 billon dollar solutions ecosystem, these partners have multiple ways to build practice areas around SharePoint with its extensible design model.

Silver Datacenter Competency

The Datacenter competency recognizes partners who have the ability of transforming data centers into more flexible, scalable, and cost effective solutions. With Data Center competency, partner can stand out as a provider of Private Cloud, Management, and Virtualization Deployment service provider. Using the Microsoft`s comprehensive portfolio of products (including infrastructure, applications, management and security) across the datacenter and cloud, these partners can also create effective hybrid cloud solutions to their customers.

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