Nextsense - Loan Management


Nextsense Loan Management Application has been designed as a tool for financial institutions and their customers that will provide digitalization, standardization and automation of the approval process for loan applications.

As a part of the process for loan application approval, the Nextsense Loan Management Application will give you greater loan requirements traceability and to improve the measurability of the process, as well as better availability and comprehensive search possibilities for every loan application.

loan management

Using the user friendly and creative workflow implemented within the Loan Management Application, the loan provider employees can easily and faster analyze the received loan application and automatically lead the overall process from receiving the application, task assignments and division by user roles, documents uploads, reporting, to the final phases of application decision and approval.

Loan Management Application main features:

  • My tasks list
  • Search Loan Requests
  • Search Administrative Requests
  • Start new approval process for Loan Request
  • Start new approval process for Administrative Request
  • Upload documents
  • Create discussion
  • Automatic task assignment
  • Reassign tasks
  • Out of office
  • Document versioning / History
  • Approval History
  • Reports
loan management

Implementing Loan Management Application will bring you more benefits:

  • Process digitalization, automation and standardization
  • Increased process efficiency/productivity
  • Improved process quality/consistency/compliance
  • Improvement of employee productivity in lending sector in all branches and in the central office
  • Increase transparency of the process of loan application approving
  • Improved communication between branches and central office
  • Reducing time for loan application approval increase customer satisfaction
  • Easy tracking status of each approval
  • Easy searching of loan approvals, no matter if they are approved or are in a process of approval
  • On time electronic notification for changes in status of approving
  • Promote standardization/ define roles and responsibilities
  • Cost reduction
  • Increase visibility/Better reporting of process performance

From a business point of view, especially in today’s rocky economic time, improving company efficiency and cost reductions are critical for survival and success in the competitive environment.

Nextsense provides a BMPS strategy, software services and solutions, as well as related tools and frameworks that can enable each company or organization to be more responsive to the market challenges.