Nextsense - Electronic Public Procurement System


Electronic System for Public Procurement (ESPP) is a unique computerized e-services system available online on, which is used to enable greater efficiency and economy in the area of public procurement. The system has been intensively used by the contracting authorities (public sector) and economic operators (private sector).

electronic public procurement system web

EPPS is centralized e-service platform and web application which is used nationally, by the institutions directly involved in the procurement process (contracting authorities and domestic and foreign economic operators) and from other stakeholders indirectly involved in public procurement (NGOs, journalists and the general public). EPPS has been managed and developed by the Public Procurement Bureau (PPB).

It is a web application that provides complete process automation, transparent electronic registration and communication of all stakeholders in the field of public procurement, and implementation, monitoring and supervision of all procedures and rules stated in the Public Procurement Act and regulations, thus delivering a lot of e-services to the Contracting Authorities and Economic operators as well.

Fallouts from the BPMS implementation are:

  • Increased process efficiency/productivity
  • Improved process quality/consistency/compliance
  • Promote standardization/ define roles and responsibilities
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Increase visibility/Better reporting of process performance
  • Continuous process improvement

Nextsense has implemented the totally new design of the application, make several functional enhancements and following upgrades of the system, where the most important are:

  • Modification the way of data caching
  • Managing blocked email addresses
  • totally new and optimized module for E-auctions
  • Database optimization
  • Improving the way of generating reports
  • Limiting the scheduling of auctions for more parts simultaneously
  • Generating reports for rescheduled auctions
  • Central Register service redesigned - We changed the way of communication service. Temporary saving the request to CRM prevent duplicate transactions by 90%.
  • Generation of reports and additional filters for the latest decisions
electronic public procurement mobile interface

The Workflow engine coordinates and orchestrates each of the procurement procedures through the following modules that provide the relevant e-services:

  • User access & management
  • Digital signing component
  • Notification Center
  • e-Announcement
  • e-Submission
  • e-Auctions
  • e-Evaluation
  • e-Catalogue