Nextsense - e-Banking

E-Banking System

Nextsense combined its experience in business process management, the gained advanced IT security knowledge, as well as the comprehensive experience in development of e-commerce and web based dynamic interoperable software systems with simple and user-friendly interfaces, to build a leading product for electronic and mobile banking.

An e-banking system, if developed on the right way, could represent a core system integrated and synchronised with all backend processes and systems needed for everyday business activities of the bank. As a publicly available medium for the customers, it could be used as an additional marketing channel tool that enables the bank to present every new service and updates to the clients in a short period.


In comparison to the conventional way of preforming banking activities, the e-Banking system reduce the time and resources needed for execution of any bank activity and increase the availability of the banking services to a broaden public, thus reducing the operational costs for those activities (either on a customer or provider side).

Nextsense is a proven partner for development and implementation of system for internet banking of several leading banks in the Republic of Macedonia.

Nextsense e-Banking System not only broadens the point of accessibility, but it also allows for effortless and time independent access to your critical banking data, easy, secure and convenient, 24/7.


As a part of our eBanking platform for online banking services, we have implemented IFX (Interactive Financial eXchange), industry XML standard for interoperability and data exchange, i.e. a robust XML framework for the electronic business-to-business exchange of data among financial service institutions.

As a part of the system, we have also developed/implemented:

  • The PKI infrastructures for digital signatures, as a technology that offers the greatest security.
  • Web services as interface for B2B integration
  • Security Front-End customer portals for:
  • - Online payments (PP30, PP50, PP53)
  • - Applying and online credit processing
  • - System for online processing of bank loan applications with back-end process for approval and merchant partner interface
  • - Foreign Exchange
  • - Credit cards
  • Design and implementation of security and networking infrastructure

Among other mentioned benefits, the Nextsense e-Banking system enables:

  • Secure and simple transactions of the bank clients to/from any legal and natural entity in the country by using Internet technologies.
  • Implementation of digital signatures in order to secure payment is compliant with the laws of Republic of Macedonia.
  • Simple and timely issuing of account statements and balance sheets
  • Banking services available 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week